Expected results

SPILEF is aiming firstly to establish the Center of Excellence for research on management and economics of Innovation, which will be a point of reference not only within the country but also internationally recognized. In this vein we expect to publish in international peer reviewed journals and present research work in internationally peer review conferences. This will result in a significant boost of the impact of the project outputs on scientometrics of the discipline, related to the participating Institutions, Regions and Country as a whole.  In this sense, SPILEF is expected to enrich significantly the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem within the Region and the Country. Moreover, SPILEF is expected to enlarge the pool of high competent scholars within the country especially in the field of management and economics of innovation which may be considered as a falling behind research strand in Greece. In the same vein, the project is expected to contribute positively to the brain drain antistrophe since SPILEF offers a bridge to high competent researchers to re-establish links with Greek Academia while the project’s intense international orientation is expected to increase significantly the networking of Greek researchers with some international centers of excellence and individual researchers of high esteem.

Great attention is given also to the SPILEF impact on non-academic community. Especially we account for the changing nature of the business environment and the resulting shifts of the stakeholder community. The SPILEF impact and engagement strategy envisages the development of strong links with four priority audiences focusing on user engagement, building on the approach of ‘engaged scholarship’ – i.e. high-quality research produced in close collaboration with end-users. In this direction we will be in a close exchange of knowledge and experience with National policy makers and influencers, Regional and local level policy makers, SME leaders and SME-facing organization, and business, technology and economic policy think-tanks.